The Charity Bet

It’s simple….

WRXY Radio will try and predict the result of 5 football matches at the weekend, usually a Saturday and will lay a £5.00 bet. Any winnings will immediately be credited to The Pot. HOWEVER, if the bet fails, then WRXY Radio will automatically credit The Pot with £10.00.

Once The Pot has reached £100.00 then it  will be donated to a local Charity/Community Scheme.

If, by some miracle, the bet returns in excess of £100.00 then multiple donations will be made at £100.00 increments.

It’s as simple as that!

This weeks selections: 23 Sept 2023

Man City to beat Notts Forest By 2 goals.

Man Utd to Beat Burnley

Crystal Palace to Beat Fulham

Brentford and Everton to Draw

Wolves to Beat Luton